Nut Meg Foot measurement: 7.5 D
Size Reviewed: US 7.0 d

Plain Toe, Dark Brown Waxed Flesh

Length: Perfect

Width: Moderately Narrow

Socks: Midweight merino wool Misc. Notes: Higher volume right foot; both feet on the cusp of D and E width Broken in as of early August 2022 --- Update 11/16/22: After breaking in the Perry Mocs in EE width, I kept getting distracted by the narrowness and tightness of these boots. It was tolerable but the fact that I kept noticing it while walking indicated something was amiss. These have been passed along to another owner who will hopefully enjoy them. --- These boots were pretty tight on the instep at first wear, about as tight as my Helm Zinds which are a half-size too small for me. (So, not uncomfortable but quite restrictive.) However the ball alignment was correct, it wasn't too tight on the sides, the flex point and heel slip were about right, the fit around the heel was pretty comfortable, etc. I was divided about whether to exchange these for my true size, but after I did some googling I found that most everyone agrees that White's are pretty tight on the instep at first wear and then loosen up well over time. Indeed, I put shoe trees in them for a week or two and that eased the tightness enough to settle my concerns. However on the first day of a week's continuous wear around the house there was enough pressure on the base knuckle of both big toes that they got a little sore. This continued throughout the week, even as the rest of the boot loosened up and got more flexible and comfortable. I suspect that's because that's the spot where the all the stitches in the quarter converge over two layers of thick leather. It'll probably require more breaking in before it gets fully comfortable. One thing to note is that these boots are long in the toes, longer than almost all my other boots in comparable sizes by 1/4-1/3 inch. Small difference on paper but noticeable on foot. It doesn't matter to me -- I'm not a stickler for looking proportional. More potential negatives if you're picky: the stitch length on the welt isn't terribly consistent and the stitches aren't always straight. None of this is a structural issue, and to me this is simply a testament to the fact that it's hand-stitched. But I know some people would be annoyed given the price. They are also somewhat heavy on-foot. I get used to it pretty quickly but when I put on other boots afterwards I definitely notice the difference. All that being said, I'm really happy with the MP-Sherman. It's a great combination of tough and sleek, with nice, thick leather, lug soles, and a low profile. It's gotten me to fall in love with PNW boots. However, I'm not sure I recommend these at full price. Unless you're 100% committed to the sleek look you can get something similar for cheaper from other PNW makers, or more customization from said makers for the same price. I got my pair on closeout personally and I think that was a great deal.