HowieOfMemphis Foot measurement: 11.5 E
Rocky | Ironclad work boots
Size Reviewed: US 11.0 wide

Resoled with Vibram commando style lug soles after original outsole layers delaminated.

Length: Perfect

Width: Slightly Wide

These feel very hefty and solid. There is some heel slip even after breaking them in. The fit feels slightly too large at 11 wide with high volume/high arch feet in a D-E width at the ball of my feet. Half size down from brannock is probably right, but half sizes weren’t available when I got them. It’s hard to tell how much room there is up front under the steel toe, but my feet feel secure going up ladders and stairs. They are wider and longer than my Rocky tactical boots in a 12 d. The GYW and steel toe probably add to the exterior length and size. The steel shank keeps them from bending much, which I think eventually put stress on the original 7 layer comfort outsole. There were softer bits of comfort foam throughout the sole (see stock photo), and with some heat and probably too long in between spurts of heavy use, those separated some. The likely plastic welt cracked near the middle of my arch. I don’t remember them being advertised as re-solable with a Goodyear welt when I bought them, but my priority was a waterproof and solid pull on work boot at the time. A local cobbler was able to put Vibram commando style lug soles on with no trouble or surprise extra fees for broken fiberboard or anything like that. The insoles are very thick at the heel which has been great for plantar fascia issues and shock absorption. They have been supportive for my decently high arch & instep. A half size smaller would probably give me a more molded, glove like fit without the slight slop in the heel counter. A full size down or regular width would’ve been too small for me probably. They wouldn’t be as quick to slip on then though. I usually prefer an E or EE depending on the shoe brand when available in store. The inner lining and waterproofing has held up very well. There is a small inside counter cover that’s tougher than the lining of the shaft. I suspect that this is why my bony heels haven’t worn through that to creat a cloth trap for my feet. The pebble textured exterior leather has held up well to abrasion, and the oils have come up with some buffing to hide scuffs. I have rarely oiled or conditioned them except perhaps once a year. There was some break in period to get the vamp loosened up made a little difficult by the very stout shank and welt. They wouldn’t flex a lot to stretch the leather for a while. The shaft was probably tumbled leather to begin with, so it doesn’t really need any breaking in there. They are overall pretty comfortable and good for their purpose if you aren’t walking long distances. They are cumbersome going up lots of stairs. I would prefer lace up work boots but would buy again if I wanted pull on boots especially if on sale for under $200 again. Hope this helps.