Selvedge75 Foot measurement: 8.5 E
Georgia Boot | Georgia Boot Small Batch Cut Wedge Casual Boot
Size Reviewed: US 8.5 d

Grey full-grain flesh-out leather upper. Goodyear welt construction. Milled Hardware. Waxed cotton laces

Length: Perfect

Width: Perfect

Break-in was close to non as these boots come with a comfortable insole. Very light and easy to wear. They are leaning true to size even sneakers (size up half from Brannock Device) I added leather laces and homemade tongue guards. No gusseted tongue on this boot. They come with a wide toebox and lightweight Vibram sole.


Those are terrific. Do they still make them?


They still have them in some stores but as far as I know, they stop production of them because you can not find them on their official website. They still have them on amazon, which is where I got them, for $84.89 USD, which is a great price for a great boot. They come in black too and also they have a Chukka Plain Toe Cut Wedge version for $74.89 on amazon too.