Josie9117 Foot measurement: 10 E
Size Reviewed: US 9.5 e

Brown Chromexcel (non-waterproof)

Length: Perfect

Width: Perfect

Pricey, but I think they are worth it. I just got them, but I love CXL leather, and the clicking on mine (so far) seems to be done excellently. We will see in about 6 months if I win the “CLX Lottery”. Also, I read about people with concerns that AE was having quality issues. When i got mine, I found exactly 1 stray thread I was able to burn off. That was it. I got sized in the store to ensure a good fit. The guy fitting me called it a “10.2 E”. He advised that AE runs large and had me try on 9.5E and they fit perfectly. Break in wasn’t bad. I could wear them on day 1 for several hours before swapping out. After a few more wears, I’m good with them all day now. Nothing like breaking in my Iron Rangers.