hidden-flower-6913 Foot measurement: 12.5 D
Size Reviewed: US 12.0 d

Copper Rough and Tough

Length: Perfect

Width: Perfect

These fit me well almost perfect in my opinion. Lots of toe box room in the #8 last. Break in, like most Red Wing boots was down right painful...but once broken in they are a dream to wear...almost a right of passage. These are worn with jeans and khakis around home, office and farm and on concrete. Concrete does cause issues if on my feet all day, but outside they are great. Sole may be considered a little on the thin side as you can easily feel rocks beneath your feet. Out of the box I treated the upper with Obanaufs and will allow a patina to develop on this beautiful leather. Will treat with Bick 4 as needed to keep patina and avoid darkening of leather from here out. This is the boot to get for a blue jean boot but is more on the casual side due to toe bump.