hidden-flower-6913 Foot measurement: 12.5 D
Size Reviewed: US 12.0 d

Natural Chromexcel, commando sole, 360° Welt, black kilties, black leather laces, antiqued brass hardware

Length: Slightly Long

Width: Perfect

The fit well, plenty of toe box room, maybe a hair long but not enough to go down a half size. Didn't take long to fully break in, seems the insole is softer, maybe not oak tanned (color appears white) but plenty of thickness, but not in a bad way. This boot has been comfortable out of the box, break in Didn't hurt for weeks like others and the generous toe box helps. The sole does add considerable weight. Not sure if the kiltie helped or hurt with break in as they were worn from the start. I use them around the office and house as a light duty work boot on concrete. They will be used and not babies, and I expect to hold up fine from what I have seen. Out of the box the natural Chromexcel was treated with a light coat of Obanaufs as an initial treatment, from here on it will get Bick 4 to keep the color lighter. As others have said, the construction is top notch...I cannot find a single stitch out of place, or a piece of leather minutely miscut...they are literally perfect and I would not hesitate to recommend Grant Stone because of this experience. These are the best value in well made boots.