broad-bird-7486 Foot measurement: N/A
Alden | Indy Boot | TruBalance Last
Size Reviewed: US 9.0 d

The is the 404 with the Kudu Leather that is actually super oily Horween cow leather. Deep reddish brown. Big black lugged outsole.

Length: Perfect

Width: Perfect

I love these boots. Alden has been getting trashed online lately, but these are my first experience with high quality footwear and I’m blown away. The leather retains its color and matte look no matter what you throw at it. I live in the mountains of Buena vista and just wear the crap out of these, hiking, snow shoveling, chasing 4 year olds and if I give a quick wipe with a rag they’re ready for the fanciest restaurants in town (which are not really that fancy). There are a few stitches that I’m concerned about where the vamp meets the “not-vamp” (still learning ;-)). Overall there a few blemishes with welt as well, but a very attractive and well constructed boot. I will say that the little cushion bit in the heel is kinda annoying, as is the lack of a full insole. I just threw a nicks insole in and that has worked great, but I do still feel the weird rectangle of cushion.