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Adidas | Terrex Free Hiker Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes
Size Reviewed: US 9.5 medium

Savanna, Hi-Res Yellow, Core Black

Length: Slightly Short

Width: Perfect

These shoes were a great fit. I reviewed as a tad short cause they feel a bit tight with just a midweight hiking sock. A light weight feels great though. The Gore-Tex absolutely works water out wise as well. I will say that these boots are a bit iffy stability wise for long hikes on variable terrain. The soles have excellent grip and flex so you stick to everything, but there is almost no rigidity to the shoe, which you really notice over rocks or while walking along an incline, the boot just want to bend to the slope. That is kinda what you buy these for though. They aren’t multi-day backpacking boots, but for challenging day hikes they are bouncing and comfy and the flexibility can be awesome when you walk through streams and stick to slippery rocks like a frog. There’s been lots of, “oh yeah my boots are waterproof” fun moments with these and my socks always stay dry. It would be cool to have some sort of additional pull up height for going through deeper water. Mostly these have been really great and surprisingly, there haven’t been any durability issues. The fabric does stain kinda easily though :-(, campfire cooking oil got mine looking spotty.